Rolled Transports...

There is no more spectacular a (non-lethal) auto accident then the rolled transport.  Hey, these guys have to sleep sometime!...

The map above indicates the approximate location of each rolled over transport.  The table below provides more detail on each sighting.

Truck Type Location Details Likely Cause
tractor trailer near Rainbow Falls Prov. Park, ON off slight corner into trees asleep at the wheel
tractor trailer Lac Des Arc, near Canmore, AB way off the road on sharp corner asleep & going too fast
logging truck Hwy#99 between Lillooet & Whistler, BC off steep shoulder on corner of curvy section of highway going too fast
tractor trailer near Revelstoke, BC in ditch along slight curve too fast & a little drowsy
tanker truck 15 min east of Canmore, AB on roof in ditch on sharp curve going way too fast

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