For those of you who haven't been party to our time together the past 4+ years, we've included a brief summary of our relationship with a few pictures (click the links in the text) to help along the way.


It all started back in the late August 1997.  At that time Jim was hard at work making a name for himself as a junior engineer at Davis Engineering, while Anne-Marie was busy working as a retail pharmacy technician and pursuing her favorite past time.  That summer fate would have it that they would meet across a smoky barbecue at a Davis company picnic.  To Anne-Marie, Jim appeared to be a nice enough fella, maybe even a little cute.  Little did she know, that glint in his eye was actually due to the draft beer he had been drinking all day.  Through the smoke of charring chicken and hamburgers, Jim saw a vivacious young blond; both the innocent school girl, and the high flyer.  

After that chance meeting, Jim couldn't get the image of Anne-Marie out of his head, it literally drove him up the wall!  Anne-Marie also thought often of that encounter, and dreamed excitedly of where it might lead.  Well it took Jim another 5 months to finally build up the courage to ask Anne-Marie out on their first date.  They instantly hit it off, and over the next 4 years had a whirlwind romance that would make a king jealous.  Some of their adventures included traveling out to the lovely beaches of the East Coast, and camping all the way across Canada to the West Coast.  Through their journeys it was clear that they made a good team, so they figured why not make it official...


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