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This site was last updated on:    December 6, 2001



Dec. 6, 2001 add "my models" page to gallery/links/models, general tidying
Nov. 13, 2001 add pics to Other Artists area, & added to Links area
Oct. 24, 2001 join "Torus 3D" and "interSpace 3D" webrings
Oct. 18, 2001 removed trueSpace WEBRing because it never worked in the first place
Apr. 2, 2001 finally added links pages in Gallery area
Mar. 20, 2001 add trueSpace WEBRing
Mar. 4, 2001 update contact info for other people's images, add a large number of pics in My Original Works area
Feb. 19, 2001 reworded Copyright statement, added some alt tags
Feb. 16, 2001 added whatsnew.htm, added large batch of new pictures to gallery in all sections
Feb. 15, 2001 new gallery layout and graphics, updated about.htm
Nov. 6, 2000 added gallery section for other artists' pics, and associated images 
June 19, 2000 revamped graphics for main foyer page
June 8, 2000 site now hosted completely from home Linux box!


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