Welcome to my personal website: The Lair of the Green Goblin!

My name is Jim Thompson. I am an Aerospace Engineer (M.Eng, P.Eng) working for a Consulting Firm in Ottawa, CANADA.

As a hobby I dabble a bit with 3D computer graphics, as well as other aspects of digital image manipulation.  I like to camp, hike, mountain bike, and rock climb, as well as a general interest in all things aerospace (of course).  My musical interests are founded firmly in the past with 80's rock...and perhaps the occasional rock band from this century.

This site is merely a venue for me to share my hobbies and interests with the world (as if they care!)  My lair is laid out like a maze of interconnecting rooms.  You can navigate from room to room using the image maps provided.  I apologize in advance for the hefty bandwidth drain...but they do often say: "Go big or go home!"   : )



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Thanks go to Rogers@Home for providing the internet service.

Unless otherwise noted, all imagery contained within my site has been created by myself using Caligari's trueSpace, versions 2.0, 4.3, or 5.0.  Tweaking and other miscellaneous image work was done using Micrografx iGrafx Image, a component of iGrafx Designer Studio.  If you are looking for inexpensive yet powerful imaging software, I strongly recommend these packages.  The webpages themselves have been created using both Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.




A large number of images on this site (in the "Gallery/Other Artists' Work" area) belong to other artists.  These images were acquired from the alt.binaries.3d.* newsgroups over a period of time.  I have asked permission to repost these images on my website, but not all of the artists have responded. Copyright of this material is vested in their respective artist owners, and permission to copy, store, or redistribute any of the images must be received directly from the respective artist.  The owners' names and contact information for these images have been supplied wherever possible. 

I apologise to any artist who is upset by my posting their image without their permission.  I have tried to contact everyone, but alas only about 50% return replies.  My intent is only to show my admiration for the work, and to promote the artist.  I have assumed (perhaps rashly) that by you posting your images on the newgroups, they are intended to be shown to the general public.  If you do not wish your work to be shown here, let me know and it will be removed.

All other content on this website (visual or text) belongs to myself (Jim Thompson) unless stated otherwise.  All rights reserved.  No part of this website shall be copied, stored, or redistributed by any means, electronic or otherwise, without the written permission of  myself, Jim Thompson.


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