Birth of the Ultra Karma 40/60

Well, I finally got around to doing the final assembly on an Ultra Karma...pretty much a case of putting my money where my mouth is.  My initial experimentations seemed to come together pretty well.  Now that I know where to Dremel and where not too, the next one will be a lot quicker.  Now all I have to do is sell them!

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N.B.  All the pics below can be clicked on to see a much bigger version (oooo...I love that 8Mpix Cybershot!)

1.  The assembled Ultra internals (left) in comparison to the stock Karma (right).  Note the DC power jack on the right for the external battery pack (Li-Ion/Li-Poly only).  It is epoxied onto the mainboard in a spot where there is a convenient blank spot.  It is almost like there was something meant to be there.  Even the case is already cut out there.


2.  Comparison of heights, Ultra on left and stock Karma on right.  The thinner (smaller capacity) battery partly makes up for the thicker hard drive.
3.  Most of the Dremeling is on the back half of the case.  Here is a side-by-side showing what I carved away (Ultra left, stock Karma right).
4.  Case together now.  I had to carve the DC jack a bit to conform to the rubber side piece.  Note the textured black paint job; this case was in pretty worn shape to begin with, but you'd never know.
5.  Quick shot of the back showing how the battery fits into the carved out case.
6.  All but the front lens/bezel on now...See, it fits!
7.  Put her in the dock and fire up the flash utility.
8.  Synched up and ready to go.  Check out the MB free in the bottom right...sweet!

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November 2006.