Here is some general useful information about the Rio Karma that I've collected from various sources around the internet.  I hope it is helpful to someone.






Karma description from DNNA (Rio) Website

Who's It For?

A dream come true for audiophiles and techno-geeks, the Rio Karma packs more audio formats, longer battery life and incredible storage into one small design. It's like taking a local record store and putting it into your pocket. If you love music, you'll love Karma.

Key Features

-  20GB drive can store 10,000 songs**

-  15-hour rechargeable LiIon battery

-  Ogg Vorbis and FLAC Support

-  USB 2.0 for Fast Transfers

-  Huge backlit display with visualizations

-  Docking Station with RCA Line-out and Ethernet Connectivity


Want more info?  Download the complete description in PDF format.


Karma Support & FAQ's

Here are the few support FAQ's posted on the DNNA website, in PDF format.

The forums at and are excellent, and reasonably active.

Some interesting tidbits I've learned from forums or on my own include:


Disassembly & Mod's


Many people have tried taking their Karma apart to:  replace a broken part, upgrade to a larger HD, or just to snoop around inside.  If you are curious, here is a PDF of the steps from, another PDF of a fellow's steps to upgrade to a 40G HD from, and finally a link to another step-by-step at from a guy who successfully hacked the Karma's webserver!

A common "whoops" that happens to people who try taking their Karma apart is the breaking off of either their scroll wheel or their keylock switch, or both.  I think this is due to people not removing the cover piece that surrounds the scroll wheel.  Please have a look at my step-by-step disassembly guide if you'd like not to break anything.



Miscellaneous Tidbits

In my search to find a source for Karma parts, I have come across a couple interesting bits of info:

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