I don't know how long the Rio website is going to be around, so I've mirrored some important downloads here.









Karma_GettingStarted.pdf Electronic version of the "Getting Started" sheet that comes with a new Karma 4,361 kB
Karma_UsersGuide.pdf Electronic version of the Karma User's Guide 1,132 kB
Rio_Software_Ver261.exe Older version of Rio software that you will need if you want to install the latest Rio Taxi 35,623 kB
Rio_Software_Ver261.txt Accompanying text file to software above 4 kB
Rio_Software_Ver296.exe Latest version of the Rio Music Manager, and Rio Internet Update software 20,190 kB
Rio_Software_Ver296.txt Accompanying text file to software above 3 kB
RioDrivers_NonMSC.zip Non Mass-Storage Player USB drivers (yes, they are for the Karma) 788 kB
RioKarma_firmware_168.exe Latest firmware update 4,052 kB
RioKarmaFlash_168.txt Accompanying text file to firmware update 10 kB

Last Updated:  Aug. 1, 2007

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