There are a number of us out there, fixing Karmas.  You may have found some of us on Ebay.  The parts get scarcer and scarcer, but still we go on.






With Regrets...

Then I first started my hobby of fixing Rio Karmas in Nov. 2006, I was expecting to get maybe one every couple months in for repair, a rate I should be able to deal with.  After being open for only 6 months, I was up to one or more customers per week.  With my current situation of home and work, I can not sustain this much involvement in the fixing of Karmas.  This is especially true now that our second child will arrive any day now.  For that reason I'm afraid I will no longer be able to provide repair services.  I will continue to support my past customers to the best of my ability, but that too will eventually phase out as my part supplies dry up.

 To provide some level of compensation to the Karma community, I will do my best to provide "do-it-yourself" guides for diagnosing and fixing all the problems I've encountered with the Karma.  These guides will include details on how to do any mods to handle bigger drives or other funky stuff I've done.  I will also share the part sources I have left so that you can try to keep the flow of parts going.  I plan to keep the site up and running so that all these resources remain available to you.

 Again, I'm sorry to let you all down, but hope you can understand.

 Best Regards,

 Jim Thompson


Do-It-Yourself Guides: (please be patient, I'll get these up as soon as I can produce them)


Parts & Refurbished Karmas:

I'm afraid my parts and players are all gone.  My supplier for 20GB hard drives was a seller on Ebay called "superdeals2006", and my supply of larger drives all came from Savanna Systems but when I last checked they were no longer able to get Hitachi 1.8" drives with the IDE connector.  All my other parts have come from a guy I met on Ebay.  He's a good guy, and gave me a good deal on parts.  He still has lots of main boards and some LCD's, and maybe some other miscellaneous parts.  His name is William (Bill) Schrieber, and he can be contacted at   For batteries, there seems to be a couple of suppliers on Ebay such as licketysplitauctions or battery_centreI've had one of the Cameron Sino replacement batteries for the Karma pass through my shop, and it bench tested out super.  More details on the specs for the proper hard drive and battery can be found in the respective replacement guides above.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Last Updated:  Feb 12, 2008

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