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Hi, my name is Jim Thompson, and I have been a long time user and admirer of the Rio Karma.  I'm sure you were as distressed to hear that the Karma would no longer be in production as I was after Rio's collapse.  It's a shame because the Karma is a far superior sounding MP3 player to those remaining on the market.  It's features and ease of use surpass the other HD-based players, not to mention its form factor is non-iPod (unlike everyone else).  It doesn't play video, but what the heck do I need to watch tiny videos for?

For those of you interested, I have my 40 GB Ultra Karma loaded with about 32 GB of music (stuff you've never heard of like Rush & King's X).  I carry it in a Lowepro D-Pods 20 case, and I listen to it using Shure E4C earphones...sweet!

My love for the Karma, and distress at their not being sold anymore, has resulted in my starting a hobby:  figuring out how to fix dead Karmas, and passing that knowledge on to everyone.  I have been finding dead Karmas on eBay and from other sources, and have been refurbishing them to the best of my abilities.  I have also done repair or mod work for existing owners.  Please use the menu in the top-left to have a look around my site.  Perhaps you will find some useful information or interest in what I have done here.


Jim Thompson, P.Eng

Last Updated:  Aug. 1, 2007

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