Renovations 2012

July 22rd - Day 0

Below are pictures of how things look as of today.  Things should look much different in one week's time!

July 23rd - Day 1

Went into work to briefly touch base with my group, then went to Home Depot to check out jack posts and purchase some large waste bags.  Then went to Dow's Lake area to buy two used jack posts off a guy.  Then returned home and started emptying out the living room and dining room.  Got very dark around 3pm and power went out, making it difficult to see to work.  Was able to start working again around 6pm as clouds broke and let more sunlight in.  Power off until 7:30pm.  Got most of stuff emptied out of rooms, finishing for the day around 9:30pm.

July 24th - Day 2

Went to Staples to get more banker's boxes, and Home Depot to get more jack posts, some 2x10's, and a big wrecking bar.  Got the rest of the stuff in the living room and front closet moved out and plastic up to control dust.  Removed tile flooring at entrance and baseboards.  Started removing some sections of the hallway walls.  Whah, what a dusty job!  Found an old Molson Export quart bottle inside one of the walls.

July 25th - Day 3

Continued with the demolition work.  Removed about half of hallway.  I was scheduled to play croquet tonight so it was an early finish today.

July 26th - Day 4

A big day.  My neighbour Drew came over to help and we were able to finish the demolition, get the temporary ceiling supports in place, and get the main support beam roughly into position.

July 27th - Day 5

Seeing the beam in its rough position I decided to change my plan a bit.  It was nice having only a post at either end of the beam and not a third one in the middle.  A quick check of the standard beam span tables confirmed that if I added another 2x10 to the beam I could have a 12 foot span.  Today, although a short day due to the annual Aerothermal Group BBQ that I throw every year, neighbour Drew and I were able to add another 2x10 to the beam and set it into its final position.  We were also able to remove the temporary supports.

July 28th - Day 6

Started by cleaning out the remaining rubble from yesterday plus some sweeping up.  Then moved on to getting the area around the front door ready for drywall.  This includes:

  • installing a new box for front door light and rewiring
  • properly insulating the wall and installing vapour barrier
  • pulling up the hard wood floor in the entrance area
  • cutting floor boards to allow access to space between floor joists
  • installing heating duct as required to re-route duct for Allison's room
  • installing fake wall to hide heating duct
  • install electricals for front door light, entrance light, and living room light

The installation of the new heating duct for Allison's room was a real pain, and so I did not get it finished along with the accompanying fake wall that will hide it.  I was surprised to find very little insulation in the outside wall when I stripped it.  There were also many gaping spaces around the front door where the installer did not put any expanding foam to seal it up (duh!).  The wall is now well sealed and insulated.

July 29th - Day 7

Finished installing the new heating duct for Allison's room.  Also got the wall and wiring done for that section of wall.

July 30th - Day 8

I had to go back to work at Davis today, the first day in three weeks.  Didn't do anything afterwards as had arranged to meet with Steve to see Batman movie.

July 31st - Day 9

Started preparing for installation of framing, which consisted mostly of cutting out some additional sections of plaster from the ceiling.  I also removed the blow-in insulation from the section of ceiling that I was working...what a mess!

Aug. 1st - Day 10

Had time for just a couple hours before croquet.  Got the insulation removed from the outside wall to the left of the front door, and then installed the new electrical box for the porch light (already done for other side of door back on Day 6).  I got the porch light rewired before it was time to go to croquet.  Played a pretty good game, then came back and worked for a couple more hours, finishing the re-insulation of the outside wall.  Also got the basic inner wall framed and in place.

Aug. 2nd - Day 11

Moved the central hallway switch which was currently dangling in the middle of the room over to the new wall on the left side of the door.  Also added a plug in that wall, and ran the door bell and ADT keypad wiring.  At 8pm I went over to Paul's as he had invited Alejandro and I over for a guys movie night.  Came home late so didn't do anything afterwards.

Aug. 3rd - Day 12

I did some clean up and some grocery shopping, then went to my astronomy club meeting.  Didn't get home until late so just went to bed.

Aug. 4th - Day 13

Upon advice of the drywall contractor, I put more screws into the beam; about 90 in total.  I also tied it into the floor joists above. Was able to get some of the new framing done around the post near the bathroom.  Worked until around 2:00, then got cleaned up and went to Tom and Joelle's rib-fest BBQ party.

Aug. 5th - Day 14

Finished the wall around the post near the bathroom and got it wired .  Started the wall around the other post near the kitchen.  Drew and Janet invited me over for supper, so cleaned up and went over for around 6pm.  Played fun game of croquet after.

Aug. 6th - Day 15

A big day as I wanted to be ready for the drywallers by Tuesday.  I worked non-stop from 8am to 12am.  I finished the wall around the kitchen post and the associated wiring.  I also reframed around the bottom of the stairs and got the stairs light switch moved.  I also got most of the fake beams up that cross the ceiling from the front door to the beam.

Aug. 7th - Day 16

I was able to finish the fake beams, and install strapping on the roof where needed to back the new drywall.  Then I did a big clean up and put tools away in preparation for the delivery of the drywall which is scheduled for tomorrow.