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The Messier List of deep-sky objects is a good starting point for observing, however there are many other great objects out there to observe as well.  Video Astronomy provides a great amount of flexibility to yoru observing, permitting a wide range of targets.

Below is a fairly simple catalog of the miscellaneous (non-Messier List) objects I have viewed to date.  Unless otherwise stated, each image is a hand-stack of 3 screen captured camera frames (stacked to reduce random image noise), with perhaps minor tweaks in brightness here and there.  These images are all from either my Mallincam Xtreme camera (MCX) or my Toshiba IK-WB11A netcam (TOSH), as noted with the images below.

ngc2392 "Eskimo Nebula"

  • Planetary Nebula

  • Gemini; RA: 07:29:10.7669; DEC: +2054'42.488"

  • Size: 48" x 48"; VMag: +10.1

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ED80 ED80 + 2x Barlow LX10 (  


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