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Day 25 waning crescent


Approx. Moon Rise / Meridian / Set: 0325/ 0925 / 1525
% Illuminated: 8%
Approx. Terminator: 45° to 58° W
Hightlighted Features: oceanus Procellarum; crater Carpenter, Pythagoras, Hansteen, Vieta, Fourier, Schickard, Nasmyth, Phocylides


Nov. 3, 2010, am

  • 100% clear, 4/5 transparency, 4/5 seeing

  • ED80 & LX10 mounted on Orion Atlas EQ-G (hand paddle)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 52° W

Forecast was excellent so I left things setup from the previous evening.  I got up a little earlier (4:30am) to view some other objects like Jupiter, M42, and a list of clusters before the moon was up.  I had to wait until about 6am for the moon to be high enough above the neighbours house to view.  The water vapour clouds coming from the nearby hospital heating plant were being blown directly across my line of sight so viewing conditions for the moon ended up not being very good.  Also, when I first started up the camera, it had lots of red and green colour noise (I had to remove this noise from the images by hand).  I think having it outside with me the whole time, making it cold upon startup, was the problem as after about 20min the noise was gone.  I finished around 7am; wife and son were already up getting ready for school…heh heh.

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ED80 + SLP - 44kb LX10 + SLP (mosaic of 9 frames) - 662kb    


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