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Day 19 waning gibbous


Approx. Moon Rise / Meridian / Set: 2217 / 0417 / 1017
% Illuminated: 75%
Approx. Terminator: 32 to 19 E
Hightlighted Features: mare Frigoris, Serenitatis, Tranquilitatis; crater Meton, Aristoteles, Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina, Riccius, Manzinus, Schomberger


Feb. 23, 2011, am

  • 100% clear, 2/5 transparency, 2/5 seeing

  • LX10 mounted on Orion Atlas EQ-G (hand paddle)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 26 E

I spent much of the evening doing filter research on M42 with my Mallincam.  Forecast was for excellent conditions all night, so I set me alarm to get up at 3am to image the Moon.  When I got up it was clear but transparency and seeing were poor.  I had to use my mount's hand paddle tonight as I somehow fried my EQDIR adapter.  Doh.

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LX10 + 0.33x FR + M&S (mosaic of 2 frames) - 208kb LX10 + M&S (mosaic of 17 frames) - 1.8Mb    


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