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Day 18 waning gibbous


Approx. Moon Rise / Meridian / Set: 2125 / 0325 / 0925
% Illuminated: 83%
Approx. Terminator: 45 to 32 E
Hightlighted Features: mare Frigoris, Tranquilitatis, Nectaris; crater Ballaud, Arnold, Gartner, Hercules, Fracastorius, Piccolomial, Branner, Vlaco, Hommer, Nearch


Nov. 25, 2010, am

  • 100% clear, 2/5 transparency, 3/5 seeing

  • ED80 & LX10 mounted on Orion Atlas EQ-G (hand paddle)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 41 E

The forecast was for so-so seeing in the early evening, so I setup and went to bed with the intention of getting up around 3am when the moon was near the meridian and the seeing had improved.  The seeing was indeed much better at 3am, and so I proceeded to take the standard series of images.  I am finding that the single line polarizing filter should maybe only be used for  shots through the ED80 where the brightness is high.  Lately my zoomed in shots (ie. LX10) have been kind of dark, especially for phases far from full moon.  As a result, longer exposure times are required that in turn results in blurrier images.  I think I will try using no filter for future LX10 shots and all crescent phase shots through the ED80.

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ED80 + SLP - 189kb ED80 + 2x Barlow + SLP (mosaic of 8 frames) - 808kb LX10 + SLP (mosaic of 9 frames) - 1.1mb LX10 + 2x Barlow + SLP - 317kb
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LX10 + 2x Barlow + SLP - 326kb LX10 + 2x Barlow + SLP - 297kb    

Mar. 24, 2011, am

  • 100% clear, 3/5 transparency, 1/5 seeing

  • ED80 & LX10 mounted on Orion Atlas EQ-G (PC)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 35 E

A night of DSOs with the Mallincam, then wake up at 3:30am to get Moon with Toshiba.  Forecast looks like I should be able to get several nights of Moon in a row.  Tonight was so-so, with overall poor conditions but the occasional nice frame in there.  Posidonius and Theophilius were very prominent tonight.

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ED80 + M&S - 146kb LX10 + M&S (mosaic of 13 frames) - 1.2Mb LX10 + 2x Barlow + M&S - 365kb LX10 + 2x Barlow + M&S - 165kb

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