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Day 17 waning gibbous


Approx. Moon Rise / Meridian / Set: 2034 / 0234 / 0600
% Illuminated: 100%
Approx. Terminator: 58 to 45 E
Hightlighted Features: mare Fecunditatus; crater Atlas, Franklin, Macrobius, Taruntius, Goclenius, Reichenbach, Rheita, Steinhell, Watt, Biola, Boguslawsky


Jan. 22, 2010, am

  • 100% clear, 4/5 transparency, 3/5 to 2/5 seeing

  • ED80 & LX10 mounted on Orion Atlas EQ-G (PC)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 56 E

Forecast was so-so, but ended up extremely clear and steady.  Evening was initially a test of my new Mallincam Xtreme, but then later changed over to Toshiba.  Camera and laptop both worked well other than some minor wireless issues.

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ED80 + M&S - 229kb ED80 + M&S + 2x Barlow (mosaic of 8 frames) - 910kb LX10 + M&S (mosaic of 10 frames) - 1.3mb  


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