Moon Phase Project

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Day 14 "Full Moon"


Approx. Moon Rise / Meridian / Set: 1800 / 0000 / 0600
% Illuminated: 100%
Approx. Terminator: 84 to 90 E/W
Hightlighted Features: none


Sept. 22, 2010, pm

  • 100% clear, 4/5 to 1/5 transparency, 2/5 seeing

  • ED80 mounted to jerry-rigged LX10 fork mount with wedge

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 90 E/W

Quickly setup telescope and netcam before heading off to my croquet league (don't laugh, this is serious croquet we're talkin'!).  I snapped a few images before shutting down and heading out.  While at the game, around 9:30pm we saw an amazing lunar halo and lunar dogs that lasted for about 30min.  By midnight there was a lunar corona, and very obvious (and steadily thickening) high altitude cloud.  My plan to image more after I got home from the game was not to be.  Good thing I took the image before the game!

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ED80 - 149kb      

Mar. 19, 2011, pm

  • 100% clear, 4/5 to 5/5 transparency, 3/5 to 4/5 seeing

  • ED80 & LX10 mounted on Atlas EQ/G (PC)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 86 E

SUPER MOON!  Tonight the Moon was much closer to us in its orbit than usual, resulting is a bigger brighter full moon.  Luckily the seeing conditions were great for the evening.  It was a big night of broadcasting on NSN as a result of SUPER MOON!  I did some Mallincam work as well as the Moon and Saturn.  A great night!

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ED80 + M&S (mosaic of 2 frames) - 280kb ED80 + 2x Barlow + M&S (mosaic of 6 frames) - 878kb LX10 + 2x Barlow + M&S (mosaic of 45 frames) - 3.6Mb  

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