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Day 5  waxing crescent


Approx. Moon Rise / Meridian / Set: 1017 / 1617 / 2217
% Illuminated: 28%
Approx. Terminator: 32° to 19° E
Hightlighted Features: mare Frigoris, Serenitatus, Tranquilitatus, Nectaris; craters Meton, Nelson, Posidonus, Theophilus, Piccolomial, Riccius, Pitiscus, Hommer, Mutus, Mansinus, Schomberger


Nov. 11, 2010, pm

  • 100% clear, 4/5 transparency, 3/5 to 4/5 seeing

  • ED80 mounted on Orion Atlas EQ-G (hand paddle)

  • backyard, Ottawa, Canada

  • terminator ~ 27° E

This fairly young waxing crescent moon was still visible from my backyard when I got home from work, so I very quickly setup my telescope and got some images before supper.  I tried a new Meade #128 3x shorty Barlow that just came in to see how it performs compared to my shorty 2x (a Meade #126).  My initial impression of the 3x Barlow is that the view is slightly worse; more blurry, more chromatic aberration…this all however may simply be due to my pushing the ED80 beyond its useful magnification level.  Before packing things up I aimed at Jupiter and gave my son a look.  He thought it was pretty neat (he’s 6).

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ED80 + SLP - 106kb ED80 + 2x Barlow + SLP (mosaic of 3 frames) - 410kb ED80 + 2x Barlow + SLP (mosaic of 3 frames) - 331kb ED80 + 3x Barlow + SLP (mosaic of 7 frames) - 952kb


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