Below are a number of links to sites I've come across that I have found useful.


  • Astronomy Parts & Accessories

    • Agena Astro; a small web-based outfit out of California that has a very good selection of accessories, good prices, and great customer service

    • Island Eyepiece & Telescope Ltd; a larger store out in BC, again very good prices and great customer service

    • Optics Planet; a monster of a web-based outfit with a huge selection, but they bring you mainstream items at great prices, and their service is pretty good

    • Surplus Shed; Wow! Where does this guy find all this neat stuff?!  An awesome store to find bits and pieces like objective lenses for making custom telescopes or other optics related projects

    • Astronomy Buy & Sell; a Canadian used astronomy buy & sell site (like Astromart) that costs nothing to post or view the listings

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