Astronomy Day Handouts

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Hurray for science!

Here are PDF copies of the full colour handouts that have been provided to the OAOG from Astronomy Magazine or other sources for our Astronomy Day.  Also below is my design of a planisphere (star-finder) to give out to the kids.  Fingers crossed for clear skies!


Jim T.

"How To Buy Your First Telescope" , 9.4Mb Insert that was in Astronomy Mag, authored by Celestron, discussing types of telescopes and how to choose.
"Welcome To Astronomy" , 8.5Mb A pamphlet authored by Astronomy Magazine that is a general introduction to the hobby of astronomy.
"Your Guide To The Moon" , 8.5Mb Another pamphlet authored by Astronomy Magazine that gives a tour of some of the main features on the Moon.
"Milky Way Mosaic", 5.3Mb This was a four page pull-out poster that was in an issue of Astronomy Mag last year.  It is a spectacular mosaic of the Milky Way created by an amateur astrophotographer.
"Astronomy Day Planisphere", 2.7Mb This is a star-finder that I adapted from the one at  It is a simpler design, and it has some space clipart added for kids to colour.
"Let's Go Stargazing" , 2.4Mb A general introductory guide to Astronomy, produced by Sky & Telescope magazine.

"Why Gen X & Y Should Care About Astronomy" , 2.6Mb

Reprint as a pamphlet of an article from Astronomy Magazine.


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